Thinking of Dad

Dad on a recent adventure
Dad on a recent adventure.
  Father's Day is right around the corner, June 18, 2017. This time of year I am reminiscing of years past with my dad. He helped manage the vendor booths at FIBark, a whitewater festival here in Salida that falls on Father's Day weekend every year. I remember as a kid helping to measure out the booth spaces, getting to be on the FIBark parade float, and touring some of the vendors luxurious RV's. I felt so cool helping in the midst of the town's largest festival! Ahhh, summertime brings back such great memories. Dad always included me on everything he did and I am so thankful for it. I am positive it's where my entrepreneurial spirit was born.
   As we thank the father's in our lives, let's dive in and make a young person feel included by inviting them into whatever we are doing- they will learn from it and we will cherish the memories we make with these great kids! We all know how fast time flies, before we know it- we aren't kids anymore!

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